Ex-Ipso Facto Cherish Kaya reveals why she left for Florence And The Machine

"Four girls in a band is never a good idea," says the former keyboard player

Cherish Kaya, who recently quit London four-piece Ipso Facto, has spoken to NME.COM about why she left the band and is now playing in Florence And The Machine.

Kaya explained that a rocky relationship with Ipso Facto frontwoman Rosalie Cunningham contributed towards her leaving.

“I left because four girls in a band is never a good idea I suppose,” she told NME.COM. “We all had different ideas on where we wanted to go.”


She commented on her relationship with singer Cunningham, who was apparently “over the moon” with the news of her departure. “In Italy we just argued the whole time,” the keyboard player added. “An argument led to people saying, ‘If you’re gonna keep complaining then you can fuck off’, so I fucked off!”

The split has left Ipso Facto auditioning for a new keyboard player. “It’s really weird, they’ve already asked all of my hot female friends,” revealed Kaya.

She has since joined Florence And The Machine, playing keyboard and violin.

“They’re all session musicians so they’re really amazing,” she said. “It’s a new thing because I’m not responsible for anything. It’s just nice playing music without the pressure of being a band trying to make it.”