Ipswich Hospital launches review after staff asked Ed Sheeran for autographs and photos while he was being treated

The singer was admitted to the hospital after he broke his right wrist and left elbow in a cycling accident in October 2017

Ipswich Hospital launched a review into its policy for the care of “high-profile” patients shortly after Ed Sheeran‘s visit to the hospital in October 2017, it has now been revealed.

Sheeran broke his right wrist and left elbow following a cycling accident in October, and was subsequently admitted to Ipswich Hospital. The injuries were severe enough for Sheeran to cancel a number of dates of his Asia tour.

The BBC have reported that, while being treated at Ipswich Hospital, Sheeran was asked for autographs and photos by some hospital staff.


A spokesperson for Ipswich Hospital said that a review into the hospital’s care of “high-profile” patients was launched the following month – although they maintained that the review in question had already been due to take place in November 2017.

The review covered “confidentiality, privacy of the patient and their loved ones and practical considerations”, according to the spokesperson.

Last month, The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas took aim at Ed Sheeran in a fiery interview – suggesting that “cultural brainwashing” was responsible for Sheeran’s massive popularity.

“Music has been co-opted by some kind of capitalist profit game,” Casablancas remarked. “I thought the internet would help balance the relationship between quality and the mainstream, but it’s gone the opposite way. Quality is being sucked out of music.”