Irish band Otherkin hit out at sexual harassers at gigs

"You best fuck back off to the basement you came from"

Irish rock band Otherkin have hit out at sexual harassment at gigs, after an incident at their show in Camden, London.

The Dublin group played London’s Camden Assembly venue on Thursday (October 26), and took to Twitter the following day to remark on an incident of sexual harassment in the crowd.

“Our gig in Camden last night was incredible. Honestly one of our favourite shows we’ve ever done in the UK, you guys were in it from the off and you didn’t let up once,” they wrote.


“But we need to talk about an incident that happened last night: a girl in tears because she was groped in the mosh pit and apologising to me because she was worried that she was ruining our night by mentioning it. It was fucking heartbreaking. This is completely not on; not at an Otherkin show, not anywhere. We play loud, fast music. Mosh pits happen, circle pits happen; but if you think you can use either of those as an excuse to force yourself upon someone trying to enjoy themselves at our show then you best fuck back off to the basement you came from because you are certainly not welcome at an Otherkin gig.”

The post concludes: “Girls! We love seeing you shredding it in the mosh pit and if this ever happens to you at a gig of ours, please let us or one of our crew know and we’ll kick the prick out straight away. This shit needs to get stamped out of live music. Much love and see you in the pit.”

Otherkin’s debut album ‘OK’ was released last month – the band are currently on a UK and European tour in support of the release. The remaining dates can be found here.