Sharon Osbourne hits back at Iron Maiden

Ozzy's wife admits she sabotaged the band's final set at Ozzfest - because of what she calls "bullshit"...

SHARON OSBOURNE has hit back in the row with Iron Maiden, admitting she was responsible for cutting the band’s sound during the band’s final performance on the OZZFEST tour of North America.

As reported earlier last week, the band’s set in San Bernardino (August 20) saw eggs thrown, sound cut from their set, and a stage invader run onstage with an American flag.

A statement followed on the Ozzfest website, which accused singer Bruce Dickinson of “berating Ozzy and belittling the Ozzfest audience” and being “the only person who hasn’t had the Ozzfest spirit”.


A lengthy statement issued by the band’s manager Rod Smallwood followed, where he claims what happened was a “premeditated and co-ordinated attack” on the band.

Now, in a new open letter, Osbourne hits back at Smallwood, saying Dickinson “got what he deserved” after Sharon had to “listen to his bullshit for five straight weeks”.

She claims: “I did cut Iron Maiden‘s sound. This is the way I look at it: Ozzfest is our tour. We built it into something that’s lasted 10 years now. We’ve been responsible for breaking many new bands and resurrecting the careers of former superstars. Part of our success stems from the fact that when a band is on Ozzfest we treat them with nothing but kindness and respect just as if we had invited them into our home. You can ask all of the bands who have been on the tour. They all describe it as the ‘ultimate summer camp’. It’s like one big family.

”Unfortunately Dickinson doesn’t have the manners to realise that when you are invited into someone’s home, are seated at their dinner table, are eating their food and drinking their wine, you shouldn’t talk disrespectfully about them otherwise you just might get your ass handed to you. Every action has a reaction. Was Dickinson so naïve to think that I was going to let him get away with talking shit about my family night after night? I don’t think he realises who he’s dealing with. I will not endure behaviour like this from anyone.”

Iron Maiden have since returned to the UK for headline appearances on the Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals, while Velvet Revolver have replaced the band on Ozzfest.

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