Iron Maiden Vs Ozzfest – band hit back

Iron Maiden's manager hits out at what he claims was a “premeditated and co-ordinated attack” on the band...

Iron Maiden have hit back in the row over their bizarre exit from the OZZFEST tour in the US.

As reported earlier today, the band’s set in San Bernardino (August 20) saw eggs thrown at the band, sound cut from their set, and a stage invader run onstage with an American flag.

A statement followed on the Ozzfest website, which accused singer Bruce Dickinson of “berating Ozzy and belittling the Ozzfest audience” and being “the only person who hasn’t had the Ozzfest spirit”.


In a lengthy statement issued by the band’s manager Rod Smallwood, he claims what happened was a “premeditated and co-ordinated attack” on the band.

He continued: “We know who authorised the making of the “Ozzy – Ozzy” chant tape the day before and how it was played secretly through the PA at the very beginning and end of our set.

”We also know who continually turned off the power interrupting our set at crucial moments…the great majority of the Ozzfest crew throughout the tour were terrific and we thank them. Those who participated or stood idly by and watched as this all went down should also be ashamed of themselves and I would certainly hope they never come near a tour with which we are involved.”

He concluded: “I have to say I was immensely proud of Maiden who stood up to it all and showed great courage and just got better and better through the adversity. Their heads never dropped, instead they went on the offensive. It was a truly memorable moment when Bruce went to the very front of the stage during ‘The Trooper’ – something which he never normally does as he is usually on the ramps – waving the flag whilst avoiding the hail of missiles and yelling ‘This is a fucking British flag, and these colours don’t fucking run!’. The imperturbable attitude and ability of the band shone through and in the end made this a truly remarkable rock and roll event, even if for all the wrong reasons.

”We will have no more to say on this matter except that I do think the band deserve an apology from a number of people, and you know who you are.”

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