Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson says he has ‘always regretted’ not punching Axl Rose

The metal singer discussed an incident that occurred in 1988

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has described an incident in 1988 that made him want to punch Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose.

Speaking to Le Journal de Montréal recently, Dickinson discussed when Guns N’ Roses opened for Iron Maiden in Quebec City during May 1988, saying that Rose was acting rudely to the crowd because they were speaking French.

“I should have come onstage and given him a punch,” Dickinson said. “How could he dare speak to my audience in that way? I always regretted not having done so.”


Iron Maiden released their latest album ‘The Book Of Souls’ last week (September 4).


Dickinson recently spoke about his recent cancer scare, suggesting that it may have been caused by the sexually transmitted HPV virus.

The singer was given the all-clear in May after contracting cancer at the back of his tongue, for which he was treated with seven weeks of chemotherapy. He recorded the latest Maiden album ‘The Book of Souls’ just before being diagnosed.

Speaking in an Sirius-XM radio interview, Dickinson said of originally finding the tumours: “I had one golf ball-sized one in my tongue, and I had another one the size of a large strawberry or a small walnut in the lymph node in the right side of my neck, and that’s the one that felt a little strange.”

He continued, “Everybody makes the jokes about Michael Douglas [who made similar claims] because he was having oral sex and it’s just, like, OK, we need to get over that one, guys, because this is kind of serious. There’s hundreds of thousands of people at risk for this.

“Guys should know, if you get a lump here, and you’re over 40, don’t just assume antibiotics will get rid of it. Go and properly get it checked out. It’s important.”