Bruce Dickinson ‘better than ever’ on new Iron Maiden album despite having cancer while recording

Bassist Steve Harris discusses the making of new album 'The Book Of Souls'

Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris has said that the band’s new album was not affected by frontman Bruce Dickinson’s cancer as he didn’t know about it as they recorded.

Bruce Dickinson was recently given the all-clear after cancer treatment. Dickinson was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on the back of his tonguei n February and underwent a seven-week course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Harris says “there was no inkling of it [the cancer]” while the band made ‘The Book Of Souls’. “He’d finished all his vocal bits completely anyway and there were some other bits and pieces we were doing. Really, we didn’t know anything – he didn’t show any signs at all.


The bass player went on to add: “I mean, his singing, when you hear it… he’s singing better than ever.”

The LP – which was recorded in Paris – will be their first ever double album and comes out on September 4. It will comprise 11 tracks and totals 92 minutes. It was made with regular producer Kevin Shirley and is their first album since 2010’s ‘The Final Frontier’.

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Steve Harris of Iron Maiden

‘The Book Of Souls” tracklisting is:

Disc 1
‘If Eternity Should Fail’
‘Speed Of Light’
‘The Great Unknown’
‘The Red And The Black’
‘When The River Runs Deep’
‘The Book Of Souls’

Disc 2
‘Death Or Glory’
‘Shadows Of The Valley’
‘Tears Of A Clown’
‘The Man Of Sorrows’
‘Empire Of The Clouds’

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood said Dickinson’s recovery meant the band would be unable to play any shows until 2016. Speaking earlier this year, Smallwood said: “Although Bruce is naturally eager to resume Maiden activities, it will take a while before he is completely back to full strength, as we explained previously. Because of this, the band will not be touring or playing any shows until next year. We know our fans will understand the situation and, like us, would prefer to wait until Bruce is back to his usual indefatigable levels of fitness before going out on the road.”


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