Iron Maiden favourites to headline Glastonbury 2015

Other likely acts include Kate Bush and Oasis

Iron Maiden have emerged as William Hill’s front-runners to headline Glastonbury 2015.

Due to Metallica‘s warmer than expected reception at the festival, the bookmaker has slashed Iron Maiden’s odds of performing next year to 7/1.

On Sunday morning (June 29), Glastonbury founder Eavis revealed that three headliners have already been booked for next year’s festival – and they don’t include the long-rumoured Prince.

“We’ve got three headliners already – and that’s without Prince. We’ve got some good headliners. We had an agent [for a band] yesterday on the platform by the stage watching Metallica with me, saying, ‘My band want to do it next year’. I can’t tell you who it was but that was done on the platform watching Metallica. It it a British artist? He’s definitely British, but the band are not British any more.”

Among the other acts with good odds are Kate Bush (8/1), whose first live dates in 35 years recently sold out, Oasis (8/1), Coldplay (10/1), Noel Gallagher (10/1) and U2 (10/1). Acts with lesser odds include Elbow (16/1), Arctic Monkeys (20/1), David Bowie (20/1), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (20/1), Adele (25/1) and Robert Plant (25/1).

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson lashed out at Glastonbury earlier this month (June) for being “too middle-class,” saying the band have no interest in playing the festival.

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