Iron Maiden’s company named as one of the fastest growing in the UK

Iron Maiden LLP is estimated to be bringing in £10-20 million a year

Iron Maiden‘s company Iron Maiden LLP has been named as one of the fastest growing music firms in the UK.

In a report titled 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain, published by the London Stock Exchange – via The Guardian – the company is at the top end of the list when it comes to music, sitting alongside the likes of music identification company Shazam and music publishers the Kobalt Music Group. It is estimated that Iron Maiden LLP are making £10-20 million a year thanks to touring and their huge online fanbase.

Earlier this year Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson denied receiving a $500 million (£316 million) contract from the US military to manufacture drones. The claim had been made on the blog Dorset Eye in a post titled: ‘Bruce Dickinson: Rock’n’Roll Warmonger’, which took as its source an announcement on a South African conference speakers’ website.

In a written statement to NME, a spokesperson for the band described the article as “spurious” and said: “This is a totally inaccurate and malicious piece of writing that seems to have stemmed from an unfortunate mistake in terminology on a South African website that the writer of said blog has since used as a starting point and catalyst to go off on a flight of sheer fantasy.”