Iron Maiden: ‘We’ll make at least one more album’

But it definitely won't involve Kanye West, Bruce Dickinson declares

Iron Maiden will make “at least one more album” – but are planning to stick to their tried and tested metal template.

Speaking to the Daily Star, frontman Bruce Dickinson confirmed plans are in place for a follow-up to 2010’s ‘The Final Frontier’, which was the 15th studio LP of the veteran band’s career.

However, he admitted that the group are aware of the “boundaries” of what they can do musically and ruled out an unlikely hip-hop collaboration, commenting:

We’re not the kind of band who could say: ‘Hey, let’s do an album with Kanye West‘ because that wouldn’t interest Maiden fans at all.


Dickinson added that the band often struggle to discuss ideas for new material with each other, concluding:

We try to keep things on an even keel. Being English we still have some reserve when we’re communicating ideas to each other. If we hugged each other we’d have to go straight into rehab

It was thought that the band were set to quit music following the release of ‘The Final Frontier’, with guitarist Adrian Smith stating in 2008 that they had only ever expected to release 15 albums. However, a year later he said there had been a shift in attitudes in the group and that they were keen to carry on.

Iron Maiden are currently in the middle of the UK and Ireland leg of their ‘Final Frontier’ world tour. They’re due to wrap up the jaunt with two big shows at London‘s O2 Arena tomorrow and Saturday (August 5 and 6).