The gravel-voiced legend will be hosting a programme dedicated to the history of funk...

Soul legend ISAAC HAYES is to narrate a new series on the history of funk for RADIO 2.

The series, entitled ‘Say It Loud With Isaac Hayes – The Funk Story’, will broadcast at 9pm on February 28, and run for five weeks.

Programme makers promise Hayes will explore the origins of funk, and follow the natural progression of the genre through to the present day.

Musicians featured in the series include James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Isley Brothers and Stevie Wonder, alongside more recent artists like Jamiroquai and Lauryn Hill.

Speaking about the show, Hayes said: “This is where I get the chance to play some of the greatest songs ever – made by talented musicians who knew that to get off, you had to get it on. I’ll be playing music to party to, music to protest to and music to make love to. Get ready for the five funkiest hours of your life.”

Listeners outside of the UK will be able to hear the show live via the Radio 2 website, at [url=]www.bbc.co.uk/radio2.