Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac star in new film

Both feature in 'Soul Men' despite recent deaths

An upcoming film about US soul music is expected featured appearances from Isaac Hayes and actor/comedian Bernie Mac, despite both men dying (in unrelated circumstances) this weekend (August 9/10).

‘Soul Men’, which is due to be released in November 2008, is a comedy starring Samuel L Jackson and Mac.

Hayes is understood to have played himself in a small number of scenes of the movie.


The film is about two soul legends who reunite for a one-off show in celebration of their former bandmate who recently died, according to IMDB.

Mac, who also starred alongside Brad Pitt in the ‘Ocean’s Trilogy’ (11, 12, 13) of movies, died on August 9 from complications relating to pneumonia.

Soul legend, Isaac Hayes died on August 10 after collapsing at his home near Memphis, Tennessee.

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