Isle of Sheppey postman dresses as KISS’ Gene Simmons to lift lockdown spirits

"I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb"

A postman on the Isle Of Sheppey has dressed up as KISS‘ Gene Simmons for his delivery round to boost morale during lockdown.

Gary Underdown, who is a self-described KISS superfan, donned Simmons’ full iconic makeup for recent shifts. He even attracted the attention of the band and Simmons himself.

“Gary Underdown is keeping spirits up in the UK by delivering the mail as The Demon Gene Simmons during quarantine,” the band wrote on Twitter. “We love it!”


Simmons simply responded: “Wow.”

As Kent Online reports, Underdown has dressed up as Simmons for at least four shifts. He told the paper: “I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb,” revealing that he first donned Simmons’ makeup around a month ago and “got a good reaction”.

“You get a few who are like, ‘Oh my God, that’s fantastic,’ and some people have been asking for a picture…I thought I would try and get everyone’s mood up. Everyone’s a bit down in the dumps with what’s going on — it just lifted them up again.”

Revealing that he couldn’t quite bring himself to wear the band’s iconic heavy footwear while on shift, Underdown added: “I couldn’t walk 10 miles in the Destroyer boots — but I have got a pair.”


Gene Simmons recently took time out to explain the importance of wearing face masks in the fight against coronavirus.

After a fan told him that “those cloth masks don’t keep you safe only a medical mask does and a good one at that,” Simmons replied: “You are incorrect and misinformed. The idea of cloth masks or any other kind of mask, is not to protect you. It’s to protect everybody else around you inn case you cough or talk. It’s not about you. It’s about protecting everybody else. From you.”