Clash legend plays Isle Of Wight

Mick Jones and Carbon/Silicon wake up festival

The Clash legend Mick Jones made his return to the festival circuit today (June 9) as Carbon/Silicon played the Isle Of Wight.

Though the band played the last Glastonbury, this was the biggest ever show the group – which also features Generation X‘s Tony James – had ever played.

Joking about their junior slot on the bill, Jones asked the crowd “Can I have toast with that?” as they took the stage, adding “this is so early for me!”

The group then launched into a set that included ‘I Loved You’, ‘War On Culture’ and recent single ‘The News’ that Jones described as “our big fancy number”.

Speaking to NME.COM after the set, The Clash man said he was thrilled to play a festival main stage, even if it got him up early.

“We’re really happy with the performance. To use a footballing analogy we used the space well, packed the box and everyone did what they had to do,” said Jones. “It was all about keeping your composure and standing tall. It was the biggest gig we’ve played and it was great. I think this band can play on any stage.”

Jones added that he’d made a special effort to play the early afternoon slot. “To be honest I’m not normally conscious several hours later then we played,” he admitted. “So I made a special effort and was making my breakfast order as we were playing.”

The band added that they were now keen to play for more fans across the country. “Every time we play a gig we get an offer for another one so it’s building up nicely. We can’t wait to get out and play across the country,” said James.

Carbon/Silicon played:

‘Magic Suitcase’

‘I Loved You’

‘War On Culture’

‘The News’

‘What The Fuck’

‘Why Do Men Fight’

The Isle Of Wight Festival is not set for performances from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Kasabian and Muse.

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