Israel responds to claims that it could lose the right to host Eurovision

Is it going to happen?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that his country will not interfere with the Eurovision Song Contest, amid fears that it could lose the right to host next year’s edition.

A recent letter from The European Broadcasting Union to Israel claimed that Netanyahu’s proposal to split the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation could have huge implications.

The Union warned that Mr Netanyahu’s plans could result in Israel’s membership being revoked – subsequently losing the right to host the show.

But a response has now been drafted directly by Mr Netanyahu and his team – claiming that any potential split could be put on ice if it meant potentially jeopardising Israel’s involvement.

“The government is examining a possibility of leaving the law to split the corporation in place”, a letter to the Union stated.

“But in the event that the High Court of Justice decides to allow Amendment 8 and to split the corporation, there will be a temporary order to delay the split for a year or a year and a half, so that it will be possible to host the Eurovision contest in Israel.”

According to Eurovision fan site ESCToday, the possibility of moving the contest to Austria is also being considered if Israel refuse to play ball.

Former head of production Araleh Goldfinger told the site that the country was being considered after impressing the EBC during their hosting in 2015.

Israel won Eurovision in May, after triumphing with Netta’s performance of ‘Toy’.