Block9 founders tease their Glastonbury plans for 2019: “It’s a call to arms”

"Stop messing around on Instagram and actually engage with the world around you"

Fresh details have been revealed about the design of Glastonbury‘s Block9 area for 2019.

The late-night area has grown into one of Glastonbury’s most popular zones – with fans flocking to see stages that have previously been modelled on futuristic visions of London and New York.

For 2019, Block9 founders Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger are working on IICON – which features a 65ft head as its centrepiece.

According to The Guardian, the huge head will be video mapped, which means that festival goers will see a variety of images being projected on it.

“It’s an alternative version of a big outdoor music arena. There are all the component parts of that type of thing, but it’s deconstructed,” said Gallagher. “We are asking people to look at the world in a slightly different way.”

Block 9 at Glastonbury

Block 9 at Glastonbury

Berger also explained how they hope the design will be an alternative to Instagram culture, encouraging Glasto-goers to put down their phones.

“What we want to do is open the lid, turn the light on and let people re-examine the music they love but really don’t know anything about, so they become empowered to do something,” said Berger. “It’s kind of a call to arms: stop messing around on Instagram and actually engage with the world around you.”

While IICON is currently under construction at a London warehouse, it will debut as part of a new 15,000-person space that is adjacent to the usual Block9 stages, before touring round the globe at a later date.

Berger added: “IICON is our monument to the new power system. It represents the controlling forces on one hand but it also represents us: the consumers. It will be a giant art meets architecture hybrid which arrives in your city and creates a crazy musical experience.”

In other Glastonbury news, Kylie Minogue also recently spoke of how she’ll be overcome with emotion when she finally takes the Legends slot at Glastonbury this year.