Apple to revolutionise music again with iTunes cloud launch and new iPad tablet?

Company sends out invites asking people to 'come see our latest creation'

Apple is rumoured to be launching its much awaited “tablet computer” rumoured to be called the iPad next Wednesday (January 27).

The company has announced it will hold a press conference in San Francisco at 6pm (GMT), with invitations asking people to “come see our latest creation”. Speculation about the iSlate has been building since 2006, although Apple has not officially confirmed anything about the product yet.

Rumours suggest that the product – which could also be called the tablet or iSlate – is an extension of the iPod touch. The Times reports that a research note written by Shaw Wu, a Kaufman Bros analyst, said: “From our understanding, it is not intended to replace a Mac but to be somewhat of a ‘super’ iPod touch, where video, gaming, web browsing, e-books and the ability to run multiple apps would be enhanced with the much larger screen.”


Previously Apple have been rumoured to be launching a new music format bundle package for iTunes, which would allow users to purchase and download album packages that include music, artwork, video and mobile products. It has already been speculated that this has been optimised to run on the new tablet computer.

Meanwhile, Apple is also rumoured to be preparing to launch a so-called cloud music service for iTunes, which could allow users to stream their music and video library on any internet connected computer, iPod, iPod Touch or iSlate.

Writing on, founder Michael Robertson stated that Apple could feasibly introduce the new service overnight.

“Leveraging their ubiquitous iTunes software Apple plans to upgrade their users almost overnight to a cloud music service in an ambitious move to beat Amazon and others to a cloud music service,” he explained.

According to CNET, which quotes unnamed sources, Apple has spoken to the big four record companies about the streaming service.

Check NME.COM on January 27 after 6pm (GMT) for the latest coverage of the Apple press conferance.


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