IU unveils touching cover of SEVENTEEN’s ‘Darl+ing’

Meanwhile, the boyband sang a laid-back rendition of IU's ‘Blueming’

South Korean singer IU and K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN recently covered each other’s songs on new episode of the former’s YouTube show.

On the newest episode of IU’s Palette, which premiered today (May 31), five members of SEVENTEEN members – namely DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Woozi and Dino – made on appearance to promote the their new studio album ‘Face The Sun’.

During the episode, IU and the five members of SEVENTEEN took turns to perform covers of each other’s songs. IU unveiled her touching cover of SEVENTEEN’s ‘Dar+ling’, the English-language song which opens the boyband’s latest record.


SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, who wrote and composed ‘Dar+ling’, commented that it was “such an honour” to have IU cover their song. “I grew up watching you on TV, and felt like I was successful,” he said. “When will I see IU sing the song I wrote?”

Later in the episode, the boyband performed a charming rendition of IU’s 2019 single ‘Blueming’, which earned praise from the soloist. “It’s a really hard song to sit down and sing. You managed to sing it so beautifully,” she said.

IU then added that the boyband sounded “so different” performing their own songs. “You also prepared all the chorus parts. I [was] moved by that. I was so happy you sang the full song,” said IU.


Last week, the 13-member boyband returned with their fourth studio album ‘Face The Sun’, along with a fierce new music video for its lead single ‘Hot’. The release had marked SEVENTEEN’s first domestic release of 2022, arriving over half a year after their October 2021 mini-album ‘Attaca’.


In other SEVENTEEN news, the boyband recently sat down with NYLON to discusse their careers and lives as K-pop idols, during which the interviewer referred to the 13-member group as “pop stars”. However, the boyband’s members did not seem to find description as fitting, with member Vernon sharing that the moniker “sounds so cringe” to him.

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