IVE gear up for their debut with teaser for first-ever single, ‘Eleven’

The six-member girl group’s debut single album arrives this week

Upcoming K-pop girl group IVE have unveiled the first teaser for their debut music video for the single, ‘Eleven’.

In the visual, each member strike posts on various stunning sets as their bold, EDM-inspired debut single plays. “Three times, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven / You make me feel like eleven,” they sing. Scenes of choreography are also included, with the preview ending on a shot of former IZ*ONE member Jang Won-young smiling into the camera.

Comprising Jang and her fellow former IZ*ONE member An Yu-jin, as well as the members Gaeul, Liz, Rei and Leeseo, IVE are set to make their debut on December 1 at 6pm KST with their first-ever single album ‘Eleven’.


Their agency Starship Entertainment has also unveiled concept images of the girl group in anticipation of their upcoming debut. Each member is seen posing among a maze of mirrors in their individual shots, along with a final group shot with the entire girl group leaning confidently against a wall

The brand-new Starship girl group was first revealed on November 1, alongside the launch of the act’s social media pages. The label had also released sleek animation video of IVE’s official logo. Captioned “I HAVE___”, it seems to suggest that the group’s name is based on the phrase.

Meanwhile, former IZ*ONE member Kim Min-ju has reportedly rejected an offer by BTS agency HYBE to join its upcoming girl group. Instead of joining the upcoming HYBE girl group, which will reportedly be managed by former GFRIEND agency Source Music, Kim will continue to pursue her burgeoning acting career.

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