Legendary poet and musician Ivor Cutler dies

John Peel and The Beatles loved him

Poet and musician Ivor Cutler, who counted John Peel and The Beatles among his fans, has died at the age of 83.

The Scot appeared regularly on Peel‘s radio shows, and The Beatles gave him a role in their 1967 film ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, thanks to John Lennon, who was a huge fan.

Cutler moved from painting and sculpture to putting together surreal songs and poetry, his first record being ‘Ivor Cutler… of Y’Hup’ in 1959.

Cutler‘s 1967 album ‘Ludo’, produced by George Martin, was re-released in 1997 by Creation, then the label of Oasis.

In 1973, Cutler made a guest appearance on Robert Wyatt’s classic LP ‘Rock Bottom’, and subsequently got a deal with Virgin Records. He then recorded his three most famous albums for the label – ‘Dandruff’, ‘Velvet Donkey’ and ‘Jammy Smears’ all followed each other in the mid-70s.

Cutler continued to perform live until 2004. As well as his musical output, he also wrote books, did illustrations and made radio programmes until open heart surgery slowed him down in the Nineties.