IZ*ONE’s Jang Won-young joins Starship Entertainment’s upcoming girl group IVE

Fellow ex-IZ*ONE member An Yu-jin was revealed to be part of the group earlier this week

Former IZ*ONE member Jang Won-young has been revealed to be the third member of Starship Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group IVE.

On November 4, IVE’s official Twitter account unveiled never-before-seen profile images of the singer, confirming that she will be making her debut as a member of the new Starship Entertainment act. This makes Jang the third member of IVE to be revealed, after An Yu-jin and Gaeul.


An, who was also a member of IZ*ONE, was revealed as the first member of the upcoming girl group earlier this week. The label had made the announcement in a similar fashion, presenting new profile pictures of the idol via IVE’s official social media accounts.

The brand-new Starship act was officially revealed on November 1 with the launch of their social media pages. The label had also released an animation video of IVE’s logo. Captioned “I HAVE___”, it seems to suggest that the group’s name is based on the phrase.

News of the label’s upcoming act was first reported in August, when Starship confirmed to YTN Star that they were indeed preparing to debut a new girl group later this year. However, the agency did not comment on on the potential involvement of Jang and An in the group at the time.

Meanwhile, former IZ*ONE member Kim Min-ju has reportedly rejected an offer by BTS agency HYBE to join its upcoming girl group. Instead of joining the upcoming HYBE girl group, which will reportedly be managed by former GFRIEND agency Source Music, Kim will continue to pursue her burgeoning acting career.