Kwon Eun-bi on going solo: “I have a lot of weight on my shoulders”

The former IZ*ONE leader’s debut EP ‘Open’ arrived last week

Ex-IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun-bi has opened up about being the first of the group to emark on a solo music career.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, the 25-year-old idol spoke about her recent debut as a soloist. Kwon also discussed ‘Door’, the title track from her debut EP ‘Open’, which dropped on August 24.

“I feel good overall, but I have a lot of weight on my shoulders about needing to show my own colours,” Kwon shared on going solo. “It’s my first time, so I’m trying to show myself as best as I can to everyone.”


She had been the leader of IZ*ONE, a temporary two-and-a-half-year group formed through television series Produce 48, from 2018 until they disbanded in April this year. Kwon is also the first member of the group to embark on a solo music career following its disbandment.

“When I was a trainee, I only had one goal: to debut. When I was in IZ*ONE, my goal was to be loved by everyone,” said Kwon. “Now, since I’ve debuted and since I now am receiving love, I want to make my own music, and that’s what I’m trying to do right now. Just trying to show off ‘Kwon Eun-bi, myself’ through my songs.”

The singer also discussed her debut single ‘Door’, which she helped co-write. “I created that song really thinking about its performance style, and wanting to show a side to myself I had never shown before. ‘I can suit anything, I can sing anything, I can show you guys anything’, that’s what was on my mind while creating ‘Door’,” she told South China Morning Post.

Kwon also shared that the inspiration for ‘Door’ came from children’s books, while its music video borrowed heavily from Alice In Wonderland. “As a songwriter, when working on songs for IZ*ONE as a group, I really drew on my imagination, but as a solo artist I drew on my life and also some books,” she said.

Fellow former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena is reportedly set to make her solo debut later this year. Meanwhile, a number of ex-IZ*ONE members are allegedly set to debut in new girl groups from HYBE (Chae-won and Miyawaki Sakura) and Starship Entertainment (Jang Won-young and An Yu-jin).

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