J. Cole teases more new music through his ‘kiLL edward’ moniker

The rapper's fans are still awaiting his forthcoming new album 'The Fall Off'

J. Cole has teased the release of more new music in 2020 by resurrecting his ‘kiLL edward’ moniker on social media.

Fans of the rapper have been awaiting Cole’s new project, purportedly titled ‘The Fall Off’, since it was seemingly announced on the final track of his 2018 album ‘KOD’.

On Saturday (October 3), the Instagram account for his alter-ego ‘kiLL edward’ — who was the sole credited guest on ‘KOD’ — sparked back into life with a pair of posts on the Stories feature.


“Damn been off for a while but ima make sure we end 2020 something special!” the first post read, before it was followed with the message: “Stay tuned hope y’all ready!”

Speaking to Angie Martinez in 2018, Cole explained more about the concept behind ‘kiLL edward’ and confirmed that he was indeed behind the moniker.

“It first started after [2014 album] ‘Forest Hills Drive’. It started to feel like J. Cole — which sounds weird even saying that in conversation — that name started feeling like a box,” he explained. “I had told so much of my story from ‘The Come Up’, ‘The Warm Up’, ‘Born Sinner’, ‘Forest Hills Drive’, and it was always about me, my aspirations, my dreams, my pains. It was a box. I started feeling limited. I had been telling my story for so many projects.

“I don’t want to talk about myself no more, which eventually would birth ‘4 Your Eyez Only’,” Cole continued. “It wasn’t like I was aware … all of this was subconscious. Another thing that came out of that was I started experimenting with the music. The production, my voice, and I started doing these songs in this ‘kiLL edward’ style. I didn’t have a name, I just had these songs … I needed a fire name.


“It checks that box and then secondly, when I say ‘kiLL edward’, it’s the stuff I feel like I inherited from him. There’s some shit in me I don’t like and that’s the shit I wanna kill off.”

Back in July, Cole released a pair of tracks under the banner ‘Lewis Street’.