Everything we know about J Cole’s “experimental” new album ‘K.O.D’

Following two listening parties this week - in New York and London - a few new snippets of information have surfaced about the rapper's next record.

Last night in London (April 17) J Cole threw a second surprise listening party to air his forthcoming new album ‘K.O.D’ in full. The record is out on Friday (April 20).

After playing a free show in New York earlier this week, the rapper gave the same treatment to the UK capital, banning phones, bags, and journalists from the event. That said, a couple of sneaky attendees did manage to record snippets of the show all the same.

In the verse below, J Cole appears to confirm that ‘K.O.D’ will not have any feature spots. “How come you won’t get a few features?” he raps, “I think you should? How ’bout I don’t?”


Following the first party in New York, Rap Radar’s B.Dot had some insights into what to expect from ‘K.O.D’. Revealing that the title stands for three different things – ‘Kidz On Drugz’, ‘King Overdose’ and ‘Kill Our Demonz’ – B.Dot also shared that the album was recorded in just two weeks. He added that it features the ‘standout’ track ‘1985’, and as a whole sees the rapper “experimenting with flow”.

Fans who were lucky enough to see J Cole play ‘K.O.D’ in London seem to be fully won over, too. “This album is about to blow everyone away,” one tweeted. “Completely amazing.”

According to another attendee who wrote about the New York playback event for Est. 1997, J Cole explained that ‘K.O.D’ was recorded while he was on tour in Europe and Australia. The title, the rapper reportedly said, is connected to addiction of all kinds; from drug addiction to the frequency of adverts of television. The third meaning of ‘K.O.D’s title, J Cole added, represents moving to a positive space in terms of mental health.

The piece also describes one track, ‘1985’,  in a little more detail. “Without giving too much away, Cole is making quite a blunt assessment of the state of hip-hop today,” he wrote, “offering a few choice words, and some well-meaning yet probably hard-to-swallow advice for some artists we might call sell-outs.”


Another person who attended the London event held their own Reddit AMA about their first impressions of ‘K.O.D’, commenting that “it’s experimental in terms of production. I haven’t heard beats like that from him before.”

Meanwhile, J Cole will be returning to the UK to perform at London’s Wireless Festival this summer.

The Finsbury Park festival will take place from July 6-8, with each headliner topping the bill on separate days. For tickets and more information, visit here.