J Hus receives backlash after accusing society of “forcing LGBT onto us”

"And what about LGBTQ Black people huh?"

J Hus has received a series of backlash after accusing society of “forcing LGBT onto us.”

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the ‘Did You See’ rapper started a controversial string of tweets by posting: “STOP FORCING LGBT ONTO US. Live your life I don’t care but don’t force it onto me especially when you don’t wanna recognise these black struggle.”



Garnering immediate backlash, Hus faced a series of questions and comments.

“This is mad disrespectful to Blk lgbt ppl. But yall do that everyday on this bird app,” one Twitter user wrote. “and what about LGBTQ Black people huh?” said another.

A third wrote: “This guy said black struggle like there aren’t LGBTQ black people.”


Another wrote: “Disappointing, man. Talk to some black LGBTQ+ activists. We ain’t forcing shit on you. Until you’re forced to marry someone you aint attracted to, like we were & still are, you aren’t having “LGBT” forced onto you. We are punished with death in over a dozen countries. Educate ys.”

Singer MNEK, who is a member of the LGBT community, called out Hus for his comments.

“.@Jhus ok so are you saying that LGBT people are exclusively white?” he asked. “that there’s no such thing as intersectionality? that fans of your music who are both black and lgbt, myself included, don’t understand black struggle either? i just want to be clear.”

Some agreed with Hus’ statement. “Preach. This world is going mad!!!” one person said. “Couldn’t be better put!!!” another added.

A third wrote: “Yes finally someone had the guts to say it for us because no one would listen if it was me.”

Following up his initial tweet, Hus added: “Trust me i ain’t homophobic. The more gay men the more women for me. If you want come kill me. I know what I’m saying.”

After an hour and a half of debating and retweeting peoples views, J Hus apologised for his comments. “Okay maybe I’m wrong then,” he said. “Forgive me. I don’t wanna offend anyone. From my point I saw things different. You can school me.”

He then explained this reasoning for the tweet. “To me it looked like they was weaponising it against us. But do ur thing,” he said, replying to a person’s tweet.


Back in September, J Hus revealed that he practises black magic in a series of new Snapchat posts.

The rapper, real name Momodou Jallow, has previously referred to himself as “Juju J”, and in a string of recent posts he appeared to reveal that he was practicing the black magic art of Juju which is used as part of witchcraft in West Africa.