The house and garage label deviate from their usual policy by signing up the drum'n'bass producer's highly-acclaimed club hit...

Underground drum’n’bass producer J MAJIK’s latest single ‘LOVE IS NOT A GAME’ has been signed up by the hugely successful house label DEFECTED.

The track features Kathy Brown on vocals, and has been a club hit on white label since last summer. As such, its signing to the almost exclusively house and garage-oriented Defected label is highly unusual.

“J Majik is part of our masterplan,” explained the head of Defected, Simon Dunmore. “It was always our intention to deviate from our sound but only when the time was right.”

“The moment I heard ‘Love Is Not A Game’ it reminded me of when we signed MJ Cole’s ‘Sincere’ at AM:PM,” he added. “It is a defining soulful moment in dance, whatever the genre. We absolutely adore it!!!”

Defected, whose recent Top 40 successes include Hatiras’ ‘Spaced Invader’ and ATFC’s ‘Bad Habit’, have so far commissioned remixes from jazzy house impresarios Freeform Five, and a more traditional Defected vocal house reworking from Julius.

‘Love Is Not A Game’ is released on April 19.