A$AP Mob’s J. Scott has reportedly died

Tributes to the DJ and music manager have been pouring in from across the hip-hop world

A$AP Mob member J. Scott has reportedly died.

The DJ and music manager, who was also known as A$AP Snacks, was part of the A$AP Rocky-featuring New York collective. He regularly performed with both Rocky and A$AP Mob, while he also made up one half of the DJ duo Cozy Boys alongside A$AP Lou.

Scott, who grew up in Atlanta, was also an A&R for A$AP Worldwide, while he managed a number of artists, such as Kilo Kish, during his career.

Information on Scott’s passing is still scarce, with a cause of death yet to be confirmed.

Rocky was among the artists to pay tribute to Scott overnight, with the Harlem rapper saying on Instagram that he was “lost for words”.

The likes of Cozy Boys, Kilo Kish and The Internet also paid tribute to Scott as news of his passing spread on social media last night. You can see a selection of the tributes to Scott below.

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How to distill the past 10 years into this moment? Justin Scott changed the trajectory of my life completely. And completely for the better. Unyielding to your agenda, and as punk as they come — Justin is my best friend. He taught me the ropes in downtown NY, who was who (pre-social media) and how the intricate system worked. He was there before I knew what to do w my life, he taught me to take advantage of opportunities. He nudged me into a store who gave me my first job in ny. Got me my first and only tattoo on my 19th birthday. He was there when I started making music. He allowed for me to be the artist that I am by nurturing risk and exploration in the face of fear (mine, not his). sticking by my side, he’s been my second eyes, ears, and hand for a decade. In the beginning, We ate countless dollar pizzas and packs of noodles. I sat in reed space for hours. We walked the whole city some days (for fun). He selflessly put his pursuits on hold to help me (and many other friends). He trusted me. He believed in me. He believed we all had something different to say. We supported each other through deals and changes. We bickered like brother and sister (I always started it). Spoke with him sometimes 5 times a day. He dealt with my anxieties and talked me into my plans and I tried to weasel out of them. “Am I going too far?” We always laughed. He was always somehow hungry. He never grew impatient. He always told the truth. He had many colossal ideas that I’m so happy that he shared with me so I can be sure they come to fruition. He was better than me at navigating this Shit. He was great at keeping in touch and making people feel welcome. I always hid behind. He was always ahead of the curve. He was vegetarian before it was cool. Didn’t drink or smoke but always was the most fun. He was actually “the culture” of which they speak. There’s not enough to say about him. He always matched his socks to his outfits somehow (although he would say it was unintentional every time). I guess I mean to say, he’s a class you can’t teach. He would totally hate this whole post (me too, I think). We’ve been on countless adventures all over the world. (Cont)

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REST UP KING @jscottandshit

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