Ja Rule hits out at Wikipedia for listing his height incorrectly: ‘I want my three inches!’

Online encyclopedia incorrectly stated his height to be 5'6" rather than 5'9"

Hip-hop musician Ja Rule has labelled Wikipedia “the most inaccurate shit ever” after they claimed he was shorter than he is.

The US rapper recently spotted an error on the editable online encyclopedia and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations directly to the website.

He wrote, “Wikipedia is the most inaccurate shit ever lol how are they still in business??? Anyway somebody fix my shit I’m 5’9 not 5’6”, later adding, “@Wikipedia I want my 3 inches!!!”

When fans proceeded to edit his the Wikipedia to list his height as even shorter than the original error, Ja Rule started to see the humour in the situation, later tweeting his mug shot as proof.

See the tweets below.

Ja Rule released four new singles last month, ‘Wake Up’, ‘The Memoire (U, Me & Her)’, ‘The Memoire Pt. 2′ featuring Lil’ Mo, and ‘Nah’.

New album ‘Genius Loves Company’ will be released later this year, following 2012’s ‘Pain Is Love 2’.