The star wants the trading of insults to stop for the greater good of hip-hop...

JA RULE is seeking to end his feud with 50 Cent.

The pair have been at each other’s throats for the last number of months, each turning on the other on record and even coming to blows in occasions.

However, in an interview with Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan – organised by Ja Rule’s label boss Irv Gotti – Ja Rule said it was time to end the feud for the greater good of hip-hop.

“It’s not about me and 50 Cent‘s personal beef,” he said. “It’s about the overall state of hip-hop and the children that are coming up watching and learning and pitting themselves against each other because one rapper says he doesn’t like the other.

“I’d be crazy and disrespectful to say I wouldn’t sit down at the table and try to help hip-hop.”

It’s not the first time Farrakhan has acted as intermediary in a rap feud. He calmed a fight between Ice Cube and Common that erupted seven years ago.

50 Cent‘s camp have claimed the meeting with Farrakhan was unnecessary.

The interview with Farrakhan and Ja Rule was broadcast on VH-1.