The singers team up in a new version of 'Sparkle'...

JA RULE and ASHANTI have signed up to a movie remake of ‘SPARKLE’.

The 1976 original followed the life of three fictional sisters from Harlem in New York, who attempt to make it famous as a group, but find themselves in a separate battle when one of the sisters becomes involved with drugs.

Rule told MTV news: “We just got the green light. We’re remaking ‘Sparkle’ Me, Ashanti. That’s just been greenlit with Warner Bros. It’s going to be a big, big event for that movie.”

Ashanti is set to take the lead female role, with Rule accompanying as the character Stix.

Rule continued: “Right now we’re just going to finish up casting. They’re going to talk budgeting and stuff like that and then it’ll be a go. I say we probably won’t be up in production until about next year.”