That's a lot to take on...

JA RULE has started a feud with EMINEM, and warmed up his row with SLIM SHADY’s pal, 50 CENT.

On ‘A Warrior’s Words’, the new Murder Inc. label mix-tape by Black Child, Ja Rule tells Eminem, “I’m huntin’ ya blondie, with a sawed gauge'” and continues to warn him, “Em you know you fear me/cause I’m the rap game’s Jimmy Hoffa”.

Ja Rule, from New York, was responding to the track ‘Go To Sleep’ by East Coast rapper Benzino, which features Eminem telling Ja Rule, “Ja, you’ll get it too”.


According to Hiphopdx.com, Slim Shady has already recorded a counter-diss for Ja Rule.

The recent spat between Ja Rule and four times platinum US album seller, 50 Cent, began when 50 Cent released a duet with the late Tupac Shakur called ‘The Realest Killas’, where he criticised Rule for imitating Shakur: “You pretended to be ‘Pac, you pretended to be hot.”

But, according to MTV the real conflict between the two rap heavyweights began three years ago in a recording studio when a fight broke out between 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti.

Ja Rule and Gotti have held a grudge against 50 Cent after he allegedly took out a protection order against them.

However, 50 Cent strongly denies the allegation, claiming the Murder Inc. partnership doctored a fake protection order to make 50 Cent look like a “snitch” and to “destroy him”.

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