Ja Rule challenges 50 Cent to ‘pull up for a meet and greet’ as feud continues

50 Cent recently purchased 200 tickets for a Ja Rule concert so the front rows would be empty

Ja Rule has challenged 50 Cent to come to one of his gigs after he purchased 200 tickets for a recent show so the front rows would be empty.

A feud between the two rappers has been ongoing for nearly 20 years. Although the reasons for the feud starting are unclear, 50 Cent mocked Ja Rule in diss track ‘Life’s On The Line’ in 1999.

Last month, the ‘Candy Shop’ star made the latest move in the beef, claiming he had purchased 200 front row tickets for one of Ja Rule’s shows with the intention of leaving them vacant. He photoshopped a picture of himself in the empty rows and posted it on Instagram, taunting: “What a show. I mean just fucking great. Do it again, my kid went to the restroom.”


Now, Ja Rule has challenged 50 Cent to actually attend a future concert in a new Instagram post. Sharing a poster for his show with Ashanti in San Antonio, Texas, the ‘Always On Time’ rapper wrote: “Hey genius @50cent make sure you keep buying tix to ALL my shows your support is appreciated!!!”

“oh and if you get a chance PULL UP to one for a meet and greet I DARE YOU…” he added.


50 Cent appeared to reply to the provocation hours later when he posted a clip from SNL‘s Weekend Update in which Colin Jost joked about the feud. “Ironically, 200 tickets to a Ja Rule concert cost exactly 50 cents,” the comedian said.



The rapper captioned the post: “LOL what… what do I do now? get the strap.”

Meanwhile, Ja Rule was accused of transphobia in a previous response to 50 Cent. He shared a number of photoshopped posts on social media that appeared to suggest his rival may either be a trans woman or had relations with them.

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