Ja Rule releases new song ‘FYRE’ about the ill-fated festival

"Hands up, who got their money back?"

Ja Rule has shared a new song called ‘FYRE’, detailing some of his experiences with the notoriously shambolic festival of the same name.

Although the rapper insists the title is an acronym of ‘For Your Real Entertainment’, the songs lyrical content focuses primarily on the event – including references to him getting his name legally cleared from its lawsuit, and the vitriol he received online in the aftermath.

The rapper broke the news over Instagram by sharing the song’s cover art, which depicts the infamous Fyre Festival salad that went viral around the time of the event. He also teased that his next album would be released on leap year. See the full post below.


Ja Rule’s verses – rapped over the instrumental of Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s track ‘The Show’ – address the fiasco directly but playfully: “The fest, the festival is on fire/ We don’t need no water, make that motherfucker hotter.

“Hotter than the sun, but it wasn’t that/ Show of hands if you got your money back?/ Just playing, I got sued for that/ 100 mil to be exact.”

The track arrives after the rapper was cleared of wrongdoing in a major lawsuit that arose following Fyre Fest. He was initially cleared back in July, but lawyers representing Billy McFarland argued that he was implicit in the event and knew it was destined to fail.

A subsequent appeal from MacFarland’s lawyers has been denied by Judge Kevin Castel, after it was determined that the rapper was not made aware of the issues that led to the festival’s ill fated end.


“In July, the Court dismissed all Fyre Festival claims against Mr. Atkins,” said Rule’s lawyer, Ryan Hayden Smith.

“After this loss, plaintiffs’ law firm Geragos & Geragos appealed that decision. Today, the Court denied their appeal. This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication of Mr. Atkins.”