Jack Black on recording at his “idol” Jack White’s home studio: “It was like going to Graceland”

Tenacious D's White-produced song 'Don’t Blow It, Kage’ arrived last week

Jack Black has spoken about the experience he had visiting his “idol” Jack White‘s home studio earlier this year.

Black’s band Tenacious D went to White’s Third Man Records HQ in Nashville to collaborate on a “legendary” new track over the summer. Last week, they shared the results of their session in the form of ‘Don’t Blow It, Kage’ on which White is credited as producer.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (December 9) Black explained that the musical hook-up came about during Tenacious D’s 2019 US tour.


“We got a rock opera, Post-Apocalypto, and we toured all around the world. We even stopped off in Nashville and we got a call from Jack White,” he told the host.

“He was like, ‘Hey, if you’re comin’ through, why don’t you come by and record a lil somethin’ at my home studio’.

“And we were like, ‘Yes, we can’t say no to that’, ’cause he’s a legend. He’s my idol. I love Jack White.”

Black went on to describe his visit as “like going to Graceland” as he continued to talk about the former White Stripes musician’s unique residence.

“Every room has been, like, meticulously curated with magic and humour and weirdness…literally every square inch of that place has a moment of magic.”


You can watch the full interview in the above video.

Jack White and Jack Black finally met back in June at an airport while The Raconteurs and Tenacious D were out on their respective tours. The pair posed for a selfie together as White held a Tenacious D T-shirt, much to the delight of fans.

White, meanwhile, is currently still on the road with The Raconteurs in support of their comeback album ‘Help Us Stranger’.