Jack Garratt shares second volume of ‘Love Death & Dancing’ EPs and ‘Better’ video

An album of the same name arrives in June

Jack Garratt has shared three new songs, the second volume of his ongoing series of ‘Love Death & Dancing’ EPs.

In February, the singer made his long-awaited comeback after four years away, sharing the first EP.

The ‘Love Death & Dancing’ EPs, of which there will be four, are set to be compiled on a new full-length album of the same name, out June 12 via Island.


Listen to the new EP, which also features new tracks ‘Get In My Way’ and ‘Mend A Heart’ below:

The new album is set to be Garratt’s first since his lauded 2016 debut ‘Phase’. Garratt describes the album as “dance music for people who don’t want to go out.”

He also shared a video for new single ‘Better’, which appears on the new EP – watch it below.



“‘Better’ is a dance song about the end of times,” he said of the new single. “It’s a song about the claustrophobia some of us feel when confronted by daily reminders of how a change outside of our control is coming, and how we force ourselves into repetitive sequences of familiarity and nostalgia to feel safe again. It’s a distracting fable about self-awareness and futile escapism.”

The singer recently explained his lengthy absence from music to the BBC in a new interview, revealing how he was hit with crippling self-doubt and had to take time out to focus on his health.

“It screwed me completely,” the 28-year-old said of his quickfire success with his debut album. “All I ever wanted to do was make music that I wanted to listen to. And, at a time when I was figuring that out, I got put into a corner where I had to defend myself for winning awards that I didn’t ask for.”