Jack Penate posts video for comeback track ‘No One Lied’ online

The song is his first new material since 'Everything Is New'

Jack Penate has posted a new song and video online. Scroll down to watch and listen.

‘No One Lied’ is the London based singer songwriter’s first new material since his second album, 2009’s ‘Everything Is New’.

The accompanying black and white video to the song was apparently shot in one take “at home on 19th January 2012” and directed by Dani Castro.


The singer has been relatively quiet over the past few years. Around the release of ‘Everything Is New’, Jack Penate said that listening to The Smiths‘ song ‘Accept Yourself’ helped him sort out his all-or-nothing approach to his second album. He also explained: “I’ll either wake up and think everything’s going to be great and this record will work or I’ll be thinking, ‘That’s it. It’s over. What’s the point?'”.

Penate has also revealed that ‘Everything Is New’ was “a bit bipolar”, thanks to the upbeat nature of some of the songs and their contrasting serious lyrics. According to the singer/guitarist his second album documented the “underbelly of my life”, whereas his debut album, 2007’s ‘Matinee’, was “a bunch of teenage stories”.

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