Jack Penate opens Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions

The Young Knives debut new material too

Jack Penate opened Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions tonight (November 20) at London‘s Union Chapel.

Opening with the single ‘Spit At Stars’, the singer admitted that he felt trepidation before his gig.

In reference to the venue of the concert he said : “This is literally the most nervous I’ve ever been, because I feel the pressure of God.


“It feels like I’m back at the school chapel service. I got banned from that when I put a fart machine under the headmaster’s chair. I thought it was the funniest thing when I was 15.”

His set included the debut performance of rare b-side ‘On The Road’ and ‘My Yvonne’ without the addition of backing vocals by Adele.

“She’s ill so I’m going to have to do all the lady parts. Sorry I said ‘lady parts’,” he told the crowd.

Earlier in evening, The Young Knives debuted material from their next album.

As well as recent single ‘Terra Firma’ the band were joined by three string players for new song ‘Turn Tail’.

House Of Lords introduced the track by saying: “We’ve got a string quartet for this song on the second album, because that’s what you do on second albums, isn’t it?”


The band also played another new track, ‘Mummy Light The Fire’. Before playing it House Of Lords said : “We’ve never played this before. It’s about our mummy.”

Laura Marling also played a set which included tracks ‘My Manic & I’ and ‘Night Terror’. After playing ‘Cross Your Fingers’, Marling said : “That’s the most relatively uplifting song I have, sorry. I’m not as miserable as my songs make out.”

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong debuted song ‘Adelade’ and singer Joe Lean told the crowd : “This was the most terrifying gig we’ve played.”

Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions continues tomorrow (November 21) with a performance from Athlete.