Jack Peñate in graffiti rap

Star pays £200 nightclub incident

Jack Peñate was accused of drawing graffiti in a Glasgow nightclub following his performance at T In The Park last weekend (July 6-8).

The singer headed to Glasgow’s Sub Club on Sunday (July 8) night after performing in the Futures Tent at T In The Park earlier that day. A few hours after he arrived staff at the club found graffiti on mirrors, walls, speakers, bar tops and even the floor, according to The Daily Record.

Staff soon realised that the graffiti was Peñate‘s logo and noticed the star relaxing in the club.


A staff member said, “He had marker pens in his pocket and ink all over his hands, so he was hauled into the office and the police were called.”

After being accused of the damage, Peñate denied he was responsible, and police refrained from pressing charges due to a lack of witnesses.

Peñate soon left the club to head back to his hotel, but soon realised he had left his mobile phone at the venue.

Staff said that when they found the phone they were tempted to phone his mum to tell her about the incident.

When the singer returned to claim his mobile staff asked him to pay for the graffiti damage, so he gave them £200 cash.

Jack might think this is rock ‘n’ roll,” a staff member said. “But it hasn’t left him with many friends in Glasgow.”