Jack Penate packs them in for Glastonbury 2009 set

It's dancing room only at the John Peel Stage

Jack Penate played to a packed audience on the John Peel Stage tonight (June 26) at Glastonbury.

Joined by his band and – especially for the occasion – two glamourously-dressed backing singers in spangly gowns, the Londoner enjoyed a series of loud singalongs with the audience.

Playing tracks from his debut album and the recently-released ‘Everything Is New’, the singer-songwriter kept the pace of the set up, barely pausing between songs.


“This is lovely,” he finally declared midway through. “Thank you very much.”

Keeping the atmosphere pumped up, Penate inspired waves of dancing among the crowd in the tent with the likes of ‘Torn From The Platform’ and ‘Have I Been A Fool’, before he got physical himself by switching to a mini-drum kit for ‘Let’s All Die’ – the song ended with the singer diving headfirst into the crowd.

New single ‘Be The One’ saw Penate recruit his audience as backing vocalists.

Building towards his set’s climax, Penate told the crowd, “This has been genuinely wonderful”.

He then wrapped the show up with ‘Tonight’s Today’ inspiring the crowd into one more jubilant dance.

Jack Penate played:


‘Everything Is New’
‘Another Step’
‘Spit At Stars’
‘Every Glance’
‘Torn On The Platform’
‘Give Yourself Away’
‘Pull My Heart Away’
‘Have I Been A Fool’
‘Let’s All Die’
‘Minute, Second Or Hour’
‘Be The One’
‘Body Down’
‘Tonight’s Today’

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