Jack Peñate is back with his first new music in over five years

And it's not the kind of sound that you might have been expecting from the 'Matinée' artist

Jack Peñate has returned with his first new music release in over five years – listen to the sprawling, 19-minute-long mix ‘A Thousand Faces’ below.

Peñate first burst on to the indie scene back in 2007 with his debut album ‘Matinée’, which featured the singles ‘Second, Minute or Hour’, ‘Spit At Stars’ and ‘Torn On The Platform’. He followed it up in 2009 with ‘Everything Is New’ – his last LP release to date.

The London artist last released a piece of music in 2012 with the track ‘No One Lied’, which you can hear below.


Peñate has now returned with a new mix of music, which is currently streaming on his official website.

Titled ‘A Thousand Faces’, the 19-minute-long mix – which features a variety of samples including soul, soft techno and vocals – appears to be the first instalment in a new music series, given that the artist announced the mix with a tweet which read: “A Thousand Faces – Chapter I”.

See the tweet below, and click on the link to listen to ‘A Thousand Faces’.



Earlier this month, Peñate was announced as a contributor to David Byrne‘s forthcoming new album. Listed in the album’s credits, the exact nature of Peñate’s involvement in the record has yet to be determined.