Jack Savoretti shares first Italian song ‘Andrà Tutto Bene’ in solidarity with coronavirus-hit Italy

The track was co-written with the help of the singer/songwriter's fans

Jack Savoretti has released his first-ever Italian song ‘Andrà Tutto Bene’, a creation made in solidarity with the people of coronavirus-hit Italy.

‘Andrà Tutto Bene’, which translates to “everything will be fine”, has become a national slogan for Italians in facing up to the coronavirus crisis. The country has been one of the worst affected by the outbreak, with over 110,000 confirmed cases and 13,155 deaths at the time of writing.

Savoretti, whose father is Italian, wrote the song in collaboration with his Italian fans during a writing session he recently broadcast on Instagram Live. ‘Andrà Tutto Bene’ was then recorded in the singer/songwriter’s home studio, while it was also produced, arranged and mixed remotely.


“Italy’s response to this once-in-a-generation event has led the way for the world in its display of unity and beauty in all matter of circumstances,” Savoretti said in a statement.

“It was a true honour to write a song with so many of our Italian friends. To be invited into their lives for that moment and to hear of their individual experiences expressed through poetry and song was an incredible experience.”

All proceeds from ‘Andrà Tutto Bene’ will be donated to one of the worst-affected hospitals in northern Italy, San Martino di Genova. You can donate and listen to the track here.

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