Jack White admits he ‘basically never’ speaks to Meg White

"I don't think anyone talks to Meg" says former White Stripes bandmate

Jack White has opened up about the end of The White Stripes, admitting that he “almost never” speaks to bandmate Meg White any more.

The White Stripes officially came to an end in 2011. White has since forged his own solo career and will release his second album, ‘Lazaretto’, in June.

Following on from recent comments he made about appearing on Kanye West’s latest album and his problems with mobile phones at gigs, White told Rolling Stone: “I don’t think anyone talks to Meg. She’s always been a hermit. When we lived in Detroit, I’d have to drive over to her house if I wanted to talk to her, so now it’s almost never.”

Speaking about how Meg’s personality came to affect the pair’s relationship, White continued: “She’s one of those people who won’t high five me when I get the touchdown. She viewed me that way of, ‘Oh, big deal, you did it, so what?’ Almost every single moment of the White Stripes was like that. We’d be working in the studio and something amazing would happen: I’m like, ‘Damn, we just broke into a new world right there!’ And Meg’s sitting in silence. I remember hearing Ringo Starr say, ‘I always felt sorry for Elvis, because in The Beatles we had each other to talk about what it felt like. Elvis was by himself.’ I was like, ‘Shit, try being in a two-piece where the other person doesn’t talk!'”

However, he also praised her as a performer. “I would often look at her onstage and say, ‘I can’t believe she’s up there.’ I don’t think she understood how important she was to the band, and to me and to music. She was the antithesis of a modern drummer. So childlike and incredible and inspiring. All the not-talking didn’t matter, because onstage? Nothing I do will top that.”

White’s new album, ‘Lazaretto’, will be released on June 9. He will appear at London’s Eventim Apollo on July 5. This is White’s second scheduled appearance in the UK this summer, and will come after he plays Glastonbury festival in June.