Jack White: ‘I have an obsession with being hard on myself’

Singer says he made recording 'Blunderbuss' as difficult as possible

Jack White has said that he made recording his 2012 album ‘Blunderbuss’ as difficult as possible as he felt that going solo was “the easy way out”.

White, who released the first solo album of his career earlier this year, said he chose to go it alone after realising the songs he has working on at the time would not work for his side projects, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather.

“I found myself in a process where I didn’t really know what these songs were,” he told The Sun. “They could have been anything. ‘Is this a Raconteurs song? Or maybe I’ll bring this to The Dead Weather. Or maybe I’ll just put out a 45 on Third Man’. I’d been producing 45s for other people the last few years till finally I had a few songs going of my own. Suddenly it seemed like, ‘Oh, I guess this is turning into something’,” he says.

Discussing his preoccupation with making his life difficult, White continued: “I had to figure out ways to stop it becoming the easy way out. I have an obsession with being hard on myself because I really need to feel proud of what I do. If I look back and see that I got the best engineers, that someone mixed the record for me, that it was just a bunch of people playing the parts, I couldn’t live with throwing my name on top of it. But now if someone says, ‘I really love that song, Jack’, I can enjoy the compliment because I know the conditions under which it was made.”

Earlier this week Jack White made a cameo appearance on US TV show Portlandia.