Jack White vows to break a new Guinness World Record on ‘Blunderbuss’ world tour

Guitarist jokes that he wants to 'break the world record for most metaphors in a single concert'

Jack White has vowed to once again try and enter the Guinness Book Of Worlds, by attempting to “break the world record for most metaphors in a single concert”.

The compilers of the Guinness World Records yesterday (May 17) responded to Jack White‘s rant about being denied his rightful place in the tome and White has now decided he will not be denied his place in history.

In a light-hearted blog on his record label Thirdmanrecords.com, White has said that he has “decided to take on the tremendous challenge of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records.”


He also joked that his new album ‘Blunderbuss’ is “currently in the running for the world record of ‘the fastest named album in history'” and has vowed that on each night of his world tour, he will try to “break the world record for most metaphors in a single concert.”

Speaking about the attempt, he wrote: “The attempt may prove very exhausting and at times even dangerous, but the results could prove to be glorious and possibly even vainglorious. We are certain that the extremely scientific and intricate analysis of the metaphors that occur will be examined in accordance with Guinness’ usually very thorough methods probably, or at the very least if somebody answers the phone at the pub.”

He continues: “Third Man Records encourages all attendees of said concerts to please not interfere or interject with any metaphors that they witness occur during the show as to not disqualify or worse yet, trivialize the metaphor in question. In addition all concert attendees are encouraged to entice as many metaphors to occur during the show that they possibly can as long as they don’t endanger themselves or Mr. White.”

White originally criticised the Guiness Book Of World Records’ compilers, saying believed he and former White Stripes bandmate Meg White held the record for the shortest concert in history after they performed one single note and a clash of the cymbal at a stop in Newfoundland, Canada, but were denied their place in the record books by the company.

However, the compilers did reveal to NME that although the Stripes had been previously acknowledged as the record-holders in the 2009 edition of the tome, they had since scrapped any similar attempts or categories.

“The White Stripes were in fact recognized in the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book for the shortest music concert ever when, on July 16 2007, they played just one note at St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada,” they said.


Jack White returns to the UK next month for a series of live shows.