Black Keys’ Patrick Carney deletes Jack White tweets as pair settle argument with phone call

Jack White told Black Keys drummer to 'quit whining to the Internet' over 'fight' allegations

UPDATE: The argument between Patrick Carney and Jack White has ended with Carney tweeting that he has spoken to White and “he’s cool.” Carney has also deleted the tweets he originally posted about White.

White has also responded online, with a tweet from the Third Man Records label stating: “From one musician to another, you have my respect Patrick Carney.”

Jack White has responded to Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney’s allegation that he tried to start a fight with him in a bar in New York last night (September 12).

As reported, Carney made his allegations on Twitter, saying that he had never met White before but that White “was mad” and “tried to fight me” when the pair found themselves in the same bar. Carney went on to call White a “bully asshole” and described him as “basically Billy Corgan’s dumb ass zero t-shirt”.

Speaking to EW in a statement, White denied the allegations and challenged Carney to meet him in person to discuss the issue.

“Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick,” he said. “Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the Internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”

There is a history of feuding between Jack White and The Black Keys. In 2013, an email leaked to TMZ which was allegedly sent by White to his ex-wife Karen Elson appeared to show the former White Stripes frontman branding Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach a “copy” and an “asshole”.

One of the emails allegedly found White complaining that Elson had enrolled their two children into the same Nashville school as Auerbach’s daughter.

White subsequently apologised for the comments and publicly stated that he wishes The Black Keys “all the success that they can get”.