Jack White’s final show ‘for a long period of time’ streaming online in full – watch

The former White Stripes frontman recently concluded his first ever acoustic tour

Jack White‘s final show of his first ever entirely acoustic tour is now airing online in full.

The concert took place at the Fargo Theatre in Fargo, North Dakota last week (April 26), concluding the former White Stripes frontman’s short acoustic tour where he played the five US states he had yet to perform in, namely Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. White has announced that he will take a break from live performances “for a long period of time” following the tour.

Originally being live-streamed via Jay Z’s new streaming platform Tidal, the full concert is now on Youtube, available to watch below.


After closing the show with a cover of Leadbelly’s ‘Goodnight, Irene’, White told the audience at the Fargo show: “If you feel strongly about music and love music, tell people that. Tell people that music is sacred. Music is not disposable and worthless, it shouldn’t be treated that way”.

White made similar comments during his Coachella performance of ‘Seven Nation Army’ earlier this month, urging fans to keep music “sacred”. White told the crowd: “I want you to do me a favour. Do everything you can, tell everyone you know, and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred”. He proceeded to urge fans to chant ‘Music is sacred!”

“This is your world right now,” White continued. “Digital, analogue… however you consume music, let it move your balls and move your brain. I want everyone in this audience to spread the word: Treat musicians with as much respect as you treat actors, directors, and film studios. Treat your local punk bands as well as you treat the new blockbuster movie.”