Jack White is recording a new solo album

Jack White is in the studio and working on a new solo album.

The news comes from his label Third Man Records, who today shared two photos of White in the studio with a group of musicians. Based in studios in both New York and Los Angeles, the label confirmed that the photos were taken during sessions for a third solo album from Jack White – the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Lazaretto’.

Check out the two images below, via Third Man Records on Twitter.


Earlier this year, Jack White gave a rare interview, elaborating on the new solo music he was writing.

Speaking to The New Yorker for a rare profile feature, White revealed that he’d been recording on a reel-to-reel tape machine that he’d bought when he was 14 with money made from “mowing lawns.” The piece also sheds a light on his current recording space, which is described as sparse in that it only contains his recording equipment, a cot and four windows – all with the shades drawn.

Talking about the set-up, White said: “If I could just break my leg and be in the hospital for six weeks, what would it be like? Something about a room and a cot and a little space. You have nothing to do.”

White also elaborated on his shifting attitude towards writing music. “I’m going to try to write songs where I can’t be heard by the next-door neighbor,” the 41-year-old said. “And I want to write like Michael Jackson would write — instead of writing parts on the instruments or humming melodies, you think of them. To do everything in my head and to do it in silence and use only one room.”