Jackmaster issues new statement about ‘abusive’ behaviour at Love Saves The Day Festival

Scottish DJ is also pulled from a forthcoming event in Bristol

Jackmaster has issued a new statement documenting his behaviour at the recent Love Saves The Day festival.

The Scottish DJ, real name Jack Revill, previously apologised earlier this week after “inappropriate and offensive behaviour” towards staff at the event back in May.

He issued a statement to “unequivocally” apologise – claiming he was “heavily intoxicated” during the incident.


Now, Revill has issued a new statement admitting that he attempted “to kiss and grab people against their will” while under the influence of GHB.

He told Resident Advisor: “I was abusive and acted lewdly and inappropriately towards numerous members of staff at the festival – both female and male – during a drug-induced blackout, which I had put myself into after my performance by drinking a substance called GHB.

“During the ensuing blackout, my actions involved attempting to kiss and grab people against their will. I am truly disgusted and ashamed of myself, and I do not wish to use my substance abuse as an excuse for my actions.” You can read his full statement here.

Representatives from the festival added: “Given the reaction to the statement he put up on Monday, and the total misrepresentation of the facts and the issue we were trying to raise, it was important for him to clarify the situation and our staff appreciate he is trying to do this.”

Following his new statement, Motion Bristol have taken to Twitter to announce that the Scottish DJ has been pulled from the lineup of an upcoming This Is In:Motion party.


Jackmaster made headlines in 2017 when he went online to speak out against sexism in the world of dance music.

Referring to comments that he recently heard about female DJs – though he wouldn’t name who made the comments in question, stating “this isn’t a witch hunt” – Jackmaster then apologised for staying silent on the subject for so long.