Warren Zevon material to be reissued

Three albums will be re-released with bonus tracks

Rhino Records has announced that it will reissue three classic albums from renowned singer-songwriter Warren Zevon on March 27.

‘Excitable Boy’, ‘Stand In The Fire’ and ‘The Envoy’ are all being remastered and expanded, and will contain several bonus tracks.

The new version of ‘Excitable Boy’, which was originally produced by Jackson Browne in 1978, will contain an alternate version of Zevon‘s hit, ‘Werewolves Of London’ as well as outtakes and solo piano versions of some of his songs.


‘Stand In The Fire’, Zevon‘s 1981 live album, will contain the previously unreleased bonus tracks ‘Johnny Strikes Up The Band’ and ‘Play It All Night Long’.

‘The Envoy’, originally released in 1982, features such renowned contributors as Lindsey Buckingham and Don Henley.

The tracklistings for the albums are:

‘Excitable Boy’:

1. ‘Johnny Strikes Up The Band’

2. ‘Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner’


3. ‘Excitable Boy’

4. ‘Werewolves Of London’

5. ‘Accidentally Like A Martyr’

6. ‘Nighttime In The Switching Yard’

7. ‘Veracruz’

8. ‘Tenderness On The Block’

9. ‘Lawyers, Guns And Money’

10. ‘I Need A Truck’ – Outtake

11. ‘Werewolves Of London’ – Alternate Version

12. ‘Tule’s Blues’ – Solo Piano Version

13. ‘Frozen Notes’ – Strings Version

‘Stand In The Fire’:

1. ‘Stand In The Fire’

2. ‘Jeannie Needs A Shooter’

3. ‘Excitable Boy’

4. ‘Mohammed’s Radio’

5. ‘Werewolves Of London’

6. ‘Lawyers, Guns And Money’

7. ‘The Sin’

8. ‘Poor Poor Pitiful Me’

9. ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’

10. ‘Bo Diddley’s A Gunslinger/Bo Diddley’

11. ‘Johnny Strikes Up The Band’

12. ‘Play It All Night Long’

13. ‘Frank And Jesse James’

14. ‘Hasten Down The Wind’

‘The Envoy’:

1. ‘The Envoy’

2. ‘The Overdraft’

3. ‘The Hula Hula Boys’

4. ‘Jesus Mentioned’

5. ‘Let Nothing Come Between You’

6. ‘Ain’t That Pretty At All’

7. ‘Charlie’s Medicine’

8. ‘Looking For The Next Best Thing’

9. ‘Never Too Late For Love’

10. ‘Word Of Mouth’ – Outtake

11. ‘Let Nothing Come Between You’ – Alternate

12. ‘The Risk’ – Outtake

13. ‘Wild Thing’ – Outtake

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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