The legendary songwriter belts out the hits in Brighton...

Legendary Californian singer-songwriter [/a], returned to the UK last night (October 18) for the opening night of his solo acoustic tour.

The singer, who has recently been inducted to the US Music Hall of Fame, delighted fans by playing a three-hour long selection of his greatest hits from a career that spans over four decades at Brighton Concert Hall.

Having just come off the anti-Bush Vote For Change tour in the US with REM and [a], [/a], who is well-known for his ongoing political activism, played a number of anti-establishment songs including ‘For America’ and ‘I Am A Patriot’, and denounced the Bush administration as “a lot of mean-spirited bullshit”.


Of anti-war anthem ‘Lives In The Balance’, which contains the lyric “There are lives in the balance/ There are people under fire /There are children at the cannons / And there is blood on the wall”. [a] commented that the song “sadly makes more sense now than when I wrote it”.

[a][/a] also raided his back catalogue for a number of songs about failed relationships, joking with the audience that he was wilfully plummeting them to “the depths of despair”.

The setlist was:

’Barricades Of Heaven’

’In The Shape Of A Heart’

’Rock Me On The Water’


’These Days’

’Something Fine’


’Black and White’

’Lives In The Balance’

’For America’

’I Am A Patriot’

’For Everyman’

’For A Dancer’

’Jamaica Say You Will’

’Take This Rain’

’Sky Blue And Black’

’Somebody’s Baby’

’Take it Easy’

’Our Lady Of The Well’


’Linda Paloma’

’The Pretender’

’Late For The Sky

’Running On Empty’